Like cats and dogs

Like cats and dogs

This collection is about them, our fun, faithful friends, who always want to play with you, even if you don’t feel like it, who wake you up at 7 in the morning on Sundays by licking your face, making you go out onto the street in your slippers and bedhead just to attend to their urgent business.

But they are also the ones who curl up on the sofa and keep you warm in winter, they jump for joy when they see you, and they’ve helped you to flirt with another pet owner… For all these reasons, we’ve dedicated this collection to them… “like cats and dogs”

“They are affectionate, fun, faithful, they are always with you and they never forget you.”

The creative process

All our collections start with a sheet of paper, making a thousand sketches until we find an outline that mixes that Manitas look, humour, and the feeling that we want each of our pieces to reflect.