“Plié” is delicacy, it’s love for beautiful things, it’s poetry in motion, and it is always striving towards dreams.

“Plié” is “pink”, it’s a black swan, it’s a white swan, it is cities and starry skies in our souls and in our dresses. And so dancing, dancing, and jumping, and striving to be a little better every day, the most beautiful things appear little by little, falling and trying again. Everything is achieved with courage, effort and persistence.

Billy Elliot ran out of his house, turned the corner, and jumped as high as he could…Plié!

The creative process

I like ballet, I like the music that goes with it, the ballerinas’ bow, their pumps, their gestures, their jumps, their dresses and their tutus, and I love Degás. I like so many things that led me to draw this collection.

Colección Alicia