pareja ninots de falla

Manitas de Plata is much more than handmade jewellery

Yes, it’s true, all our pieces are amazing, enough for our brand to shine on its own, but there is still room for many more ideas in the Manitas de Plata workshop and time (well, a little time) to tackle other types of projects: Falles (a huge project!), illustrations and decoration for companies, illustrations for weddings and events, and custom illustrations. Do you want to know more about the other side of Manitas?


Fallas are part of Valencian tradition and in our case, part of our family tradition: our grandfather used to make falles, and our father too, which I suppose is why they are so special to us. Every year the falla tells a different story, in this case for children, but the best thing is that the work and experiences of a year are burned in the street, and that means you start a new project.


ninot de falla

Falla ninot Mary Poppins

Illustrations and decoration for companies

If you are thinking of giving your company a special, personal, unique touch, we can help. We believe that illustrating your company’s character and the services it offers, in a fun and tasteful way, can improve your image. Each company requires a different type of illustration and project. We’ve worked with restaurants, language schools, coaching and motivational businesses, shops, brands, and now it’s your turn.

decoración academia

ilustración decoración empresas

ilustración platos restaurante

Weddings and events

If you’re about to get married, and you want some special invitations to your wedding, at Manitas we can do exactly what you like because we think that each love story is unique and different and each invitation should be too. Congratulations!

ilustración personalizada bodas naranja

Custom Illustrations

We want to illustrate your most special moments; whether it’s a group of inseparable friends, a newborn baby, a memory from your life or of your family, all these unique moments can be drawn with all the details that made them special, captured delicately and with a touch of humour


ilustración personalizada

Ilustración bautizo

ilustración personalizada

You’ve already seen a small sample of everything we can do. In the Manitas de Plata workshop, pencils dance, colours vibrate and ideas bubble over. Don’t be shy, tell us what you want us to “illustrate” or decorate and we can surely help you.