We are
Manitas de Plata

Manitas de Plata was born in 2011/2012 as a commitment to drawing and illustration in jewelry and accessories..

The concept we started with was to have an original illustration that you could wear on your lapel, since at that time we only made brooches. We later expanded to many more products such as pendants, bracelets, earrings, pins, rings and more.

Crafts, jewellery, illustration and colour.

Manitas de Plata is run by the Puche sisters.

Carmen studied law and is in charge of the business side of Manitas de Plata, while Marina, with her background in Fine Arts, is responsible for the creative side.

A small company with a taste for small details, simple hand drawings, the humour in the everyday and high-quality, polished work.

Durable materials with a fragile, delicate look. A unique concept for “special” people to wear.

— Manitas de Plata